Script : Export printers and import with only 1 driver

Sometimes you want to export all printers from a printserver and import them to another printserver without using the same drivers.
This can be done with the powershell script below, run on the new printserver.


Create citrix license usage summary and mail periodically

Sometimes you want to know which user or device is consuming a Citrix license.
I created a powershell script which will mail a summary of newly assigned / unassigned licenses in a certain period.
This time-range can be freely chosen, as the script will compare the differences between 2 dates.
If you create a scheduled task that runs weekly, you will see all license differences within that week.

The script will also tell you how many licenses are left / consumed.


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Printing : Disable client side print job rendering on multiple printers simultaneously

You can easily change the print server rendering mode (client / server) using this powershell script.
This script will read ALL printers starting with “P” on the server you are connected to and disable client side job rendering.


Change storefront default language (receiver for web)

EDIT : 17/01/2018 : Make sure to keep a copy of all your changes as a Storefront upgrade will overwrite all your customizations !

You may have noticed your Storefront  web pages are translated to your local language.
This is normal, Citrix Storefront supports multiple languages, and based on your local system settings a language is presented in receiver for web.

You can change this behavior locally yourself :

  • Using Internet Explorer : Go to control panel – Language – set your preferred language on top and restart IE

  • Using Chrome – Check your Chrome language settings, you can overrule the detected language

If you want to change the default language globally, you have to edit some files on your Storefront server(s)

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Read printserver drivers and install native drivers on target

Getting your printer drivers stable in a professional environment isn’t always easy.
Especially when terminal servers like XenApp come into picture.
There are many best practices to follow, but when you are using printserver(s), you better use the SAME driver and version as installed on that printserver.

This powershell script lets you connect to a printserver and installs all native drivers with a specific name to another server you specify.
Let’s say you want your XenApp golden image to have all the drivers that exist on a printserver, this script can help you.

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